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  • 1. (2023·浙江) What are the speakers talking about?
    A . Gifts for Jason. B . A baseball game. C . The woman's retirement.
  • 1. (2023·浙江) What will the speakers do next?
    A . Visit a friend. B . Pick up Billy. C . Buy some beans.
  • 1. (2023·浙江) 听下面一段较长对话,回答以下小题。
    1. (1) Whose speech did the woman listen to this morning?
    2. (2) What is the workshop in the afternoon about?
    3. (3) What does the woman say about her job?
    4. (4) What do the man and the woman both want to do?
  • 1. (2023·浙江) 听下面一段较长对话,回答以下小题。
    1. (1) Where are the speakers?
    2. (2) How does Sara sound?
  • 1. (2023·浙江) 阅读下面材料,根据其内容和所给段落开头语续写两段,使之构成一篇完整的短文。

    I was invited to a cookout on an old friend's farm in western Washington. I parked my car outside the farm and walked past a milking house which had apparently not been used in many years. A noise at a window caught my attention, so I entered it. It was a hummingbird (蜂鸟), desperately trying to escape. She was covered in spider-webs (蛛网) and was barely able to move her wings. She ceased her struggle the instant I picked her up.

    With the bird in my cupped hand, I looked around to see how she had gotten in. The broken window glass was the likely answer. I stuffed a piece of cloth into the hole and took her outside, closing the door securely behind me.

    When I opened my hand, the bird did not fly away; she sat looking at me with her bright eyes. I removed the sticky spider-webs that covered her head and wings. Still, she made no attempt to fly. Perhaps she had been struggling against the window too long and was too tired? Or too thirsty?

    As I carried her up the blackberry-lined path toward my car where I kept a water bottle, she began to move. I stopped, and she soon took wing but did not immediately fly away.

    Hovering (悬停), she approached within six inches of my face. For a very long moment, this tiny creature looked into my eyes, turning her head from side to side. Then she flew quickly out of sight.

    During the cookout, I told my hosts about the hummingbird incident. They promised to fix the window. As I was departing, my friends walked me to my car. I was standing by the car when a hummingbird flew to the center of our group and began hovering. She turned from person to person until she came to me. She again looked directly into my eyes, then let out a squeaking call and was gone. For a moment, all were speechless. Then someone said, "She must have come to say goodbye."


    1)续写词数应为 150 左右;


    A few weeks later, I went to the farm again.


    I was just about to leave when the hummingbird appeared.

  • 1. (2023·浙江) 阅读理解

    Live with roommates? Have friends and family around you? Chances are that if you're looking to live a more sustainable lifestyle, not everyone around you will be ready to jump on that bandwagon.

    I experienced this when I started switching to a zero waste lifestyle five years ago, as I was living with my parents, and I continue to experience this with my husband, as he is not completely zero waste like me. I've learned a few things along the way though, which I hope you'll find encouraging if you're doing your best to figure out how you can make the change in a not-always-supportive household.

    Zero waste was a radical lifestyle movement a few years back. I remember showing my parents a video of Bea Johnson, sharing how cool I thought it would be to buy groceries with jars, and have so little trash! A few days later, I came back with my first jars of zero waste groceries, and my dad commented on how silly it was for me to carry jars everywhere. It came off as a bit discouraging.

    Yet as the months of reducing waste continued, I did what I could that was within my own reach. I had my own bedroom, so I worked on removing things I didn't need. Since I had my own toiletries (洗漱用品), I was able to start personalising my routine to be more sustainable. I also offered to cook every so often, so I portioned out a bit of the cupboard for my own zero waste groceries. Perhaps your household won't entirely make the switch, but you may have some control over your own personal spaces to make the changes you desire.

    As you make your lifestyle changes, you may find yourself wanting to speak up for yourself if others comment on what you're doing, which can turn itself into a whole household debate. If you have individuals who are not on board, your words probably won't do much and can often leave you feeling more discouraged.

    So here is my advice: Lead by action.

    1. (1) What do the underlined words "jump on that bandwagon" mean in the first paragraph?
    2. (2) What was the attitude of the author's father toward buying groceries with jars?
    3. (3) What can we infer about the author?
    4. (4) What is the text mainly about?
  • 1. (2023·浙江) 完形填空

    The sun was beginning to sink as I set off into the Harenna Forest. I was on my way to 1 a unique honey harvest. Here, in south-east Ethiopia, hand-carved beehives(蜂箱)are placed in the 2. Reaching them to get the honey is difficult—and often 3 .

    I 4 beekeeper Ziyad over a wide stretch of grassland before entering a thick jungle. Ziyad began preparations. He 5 handfuls of damp tree leaves, wrapped them with string, and 6 the bunch to create a torch(火把). Then, with one end of a rope tied to his waist and the other end around the trunk of a tree, Ziyad began 7 . He stopped every few minutes to move the 8 higher up the tree trunk.

    9 , Ziyad got close to the hive which was around 20 metres above the ground. Sitting on a branch, he 10 towards it and blew smoke from his torch into a tiny hole in the hive. Suddenly, Ziyad let out a sharp cry. Within seconds, he'd 11 the trunk and was back on the ground.

    It was too 12 to collect the honey. A cool summer had delayed 13 . Baby bees were still in the honeycombs(蜂巢). The adult bees were 14 and kept attacking as Ziyad escaped from the tree. He had to wait for the right 15 to go back up.

    A . share B . collect C . celebrate D . witness
    A . courtyards B . fields C . treetops D . caves
    A . urgent B . dangerous C . expensive D . pointless
    A . searched B . recognised C . followed D . invited
    A . gathered B . cleaned C . dropped D . checked
    A . shook B . lit C . measured D . decorated
    A . jumping B . talking C . testing D . climbing
    A . hives B . leaves C . rope D . honey
    A . Finally B . Surprisingly C . Naturally D . Immediately
    A . backed B . dived C . shouted D . inched
    A . cut off B . gone up C . slid down D . held onto
    A . high B . early C . fast D . close
    A . hatching B . training C . sowing D . trading
    A . curious B . hungry C . bored D . angry
    A . moment B . equipment C . person D . order
  • 1. (2023·浙江) 任务型阅读

    With gas prices rising and airport security lines snaking longer than ever, why not book your next domestic vacation on a train? Compared to other alternatives, it's comfortable and relaxing. Here is some advice on how to make a trip by rail as pleasant as possible.

    Plan ahead. Most long-distance trains, especially the sleeping car accommodations, sell out very quickly. But no matter when you travel, it's a good idea to make your reservations at least 90 days in advance.

    Use a travel agent. Consider turning your travel plan over to a travel agent and letting him double-check all the details, make suggestions, and then handle the actual reservations. A good one can sometimes find you discounted tickets. Then you won't have to walk through several cars on a moving train three times a day for your meals.

    Bring a blanket. When you're riding on trains, you won't be provided with a blanket for free, even if your trip is an overnight one. In the summer in particular, the air conditioning can make them quite cold.

    Arrive early. Most trains operate just once a day and some run only three times a week, so missing yours can be a disaster. Note: The times listed on the schedules are departure times, not arrival times.

    Have fun. Read a book, knit, do a crossword puzzle, or simply watch the world unfold outside the window. To calculate your speed as you do, divide 3,600(the number of seconds in an hour) by the number of seconds it takes you to travel one mile(the distance between two mileposts). If it takes the train 53 seconds to travel one mile, you're going 67.92 mph.

    A. Train trips aren't for impatient types.

    B. You'll have views from both sides of the train.

    C. The temperature on rail cars is often hard to control.

    D. That's particularly true during busy summer months.

    E. You might have to wait longer than 24 hours to catch the next one.

    F. Chances are the cost will be a lot less than the cost of one bedroom.

    G. He may also book you in a sleeping car that's right next to the diner.

  • 1. (2023·浙江) What problem do the speakers have?
    A . They are late for work. B . They get stuck in traffic. C . They have lost their way.
  • 1. (2023·浙江) 上周末你参加了校学生会组织的“认识我们身边的植物”活动。请为校英文报写篇报道,内容包括:






    Getting to Know the Plants Around Us

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