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  • 1. (2021高一上·惠州期末) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的A、B、C和 D四个选项中,选出最佳选项。

    There are many idioms or sayings in English that we use when we want to describe relationships between and among friends. Here are a few to practice with your friends.

    The idiom “through thick and thin” is used to describe a friend who is loyal and supportive during bad times as well as good times. It most often describes a friendship that has been strong for a long time. Here are two examples: John and Lisa have been friends through thick and thin. My best friend and I stayed together through thick and thin.

    If two people are “like two peas(豌豆) in a pod”, it means that they get along very well. They are two very good friends and they are very similar to each other. I have never seen Lola and Camille argue; they are like two peas in a pod.

    Some friends are especially sympathetic and easy to talk to. They are not judgmental or impatient. They are good at sharing our pain, which helps ease our pain. A friend like this is often called “a shoulder to cry on”.We can go to this person with a problem or sadness and they bring comfort to us.

    “To hit it off” with someone means to immediately like or get along with someone. This usually happens the first time two people are meeting. They often share interests, goals, and beliefs. This can happen between friends who like each other at first sight. Carmen and Isabel hit it off at the party and are going to a movie together today. Mike and I did not hit it off on our first date but we are going to try once more.

    1. (1) Which of the following may be friends through thick and thin?
    2. (2) Which of the following idioms describes two similar friends?
    3. (3) What can a friend with a shoulder to cry on provide when we are in trouble?
    4. (4) What's the purpose of writing the article?
  • 1. (2021高一上·惠州期末) 假如你是李华,你的学校邀请了专家来校进行一场关于“地震”的演讲,现在请你写一篇书面通知,要求全体学生参加。内容如下:






  • 1. (2021高一上·惠州期末) 阅读下面短文,从每题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。

    The garden that Sijo Zachariah and his father planted made sure their family had food to eat. But it also helped their 1 and was likely to change the 2 of his life.

    With the pandemic(疫情)3, food stores in the area were nearly 4. Places that sold plants for gardening were closed. People had no enough vegetables to eat. So Zachariah and his father5 seeds from whatever fruits and vegetables they could find to plant on the6of the garden. They also watched YouTube videos to learn about7 and remembered information that Zachariah's grandfather had 8. Over time, the garden would help920 other families in their community.

    Zachariah came to learn that farming should work with nature instead of trying to control the land. In the past, Zachariah worked in Wales in Britain as an teacher. He 10 why the food he ate in Wales was better than the food he ate at home. Zachariah realized that the food was 11. It came from local farms 12 and was not treated with chemicals.

    Zachariah is now considering a(n)13 profession: farming. “It will be my 14 in the future. I am quite 15 at helping others and being in nature now.” he said.

    A . neighbors B . teachers C . colleagues D . employees
    A . attitude B . direction C . experience D . quality
    A . breaking in B . dying off C . running away D . breaking out
    A . crowded B . clean C . full D . empty
    A . bought B . collected C . planted D . ate
    A . land B . wall C . roof D . grass
    A . gardening B . teaching C . cooking D . singing
    A . found out B . passed down C . searched for D . stood for
    A . transport B . praise C . surprise D . feed
    A . doubted B . checked C . wondered D . acquired
    A . fresher B . bigger C . cheaper D . heavier
    A . gradually B . suddenly C . directly D . occasionally
    A . old B . new C . strange D . ordinary
    A . difficulty B . habit C . job D . change
    A . shocked B . embarrassed C . confused D . happy
  • 1. (2021高一上·惠州期末) The school is performing well, but we recognize the need for further (improve). (所给词的适当形式填空)
  • 1. (2021高一上·惠州期末) 阅读下面短文,在空白处填入1个适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式。

    Living in a city can be stressful. But some people in Bogota, Colombia have found a place to help reduce stress and get a break from busy life.  place is a park for hummingbirds(蜂鸟).

    The park (sit) at the top of Monserrate Hill in a place known as the Paramuno corridor. The area contains a forest that has turned into a peaceful place for both people and birds.

    As the hummingbirds fly from flower flower, some scientists concentrate on(集中于) the animals and study them, while others would like(take) pictures with their phones. Camilo Cantor is a worker in the park, job is to mix water and sugar along a 300 meter path. Cantor explains, “You can hear noise from the city, the producer of (pollute).” But, he adds, the park is a special place. It is a placepeople can go to reduce stress and forget about the pressure of city life.

    Ten years ago, the hill(destroy) completely, meaning there were not any trees left on it. But workers began to plant local trees and flowers again to bring the forest back to life. At present, there are a number of birds,(include) 18 kinds of hummingbirds and some migratory(迁徙的) species.

    Hummingbirds are only found on the American continent and Colombia is home to (vary) kinds of birds.

  • 1. (2021高一上·惠州期末) The committee has failed to come up with any (solve) to the crisis.(所给词的适当形式填空)
  • 1. (2021高一上·惠州期末) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的A、B、C和 D四个选项中,选出最佳选项。

    When British musician Paul Barton performs in Lopburi lately, his energetic listeners react wildly. Some pull his hair or jump on his piano. Others steal his music. These behaviors are normal; however, these crowds are truly wild—wild monkeys to be exact, who are Barton's latest animal fans. Past wildlife audiences included elephants and deer living in special protected areas. He also once played to cows to please them to get more milk.

    Barton plays often to the animals in Lopburi, an area known for wild macaque monkeys. The pianist hopes the music shows bring calmness to the animals, which often suffer hunger during the hard time and become aggressive(好斗的).The limited tourism means fewer people come to see the monkeys and feed them.“On the one hand, we need to make an effort to make sure that they eat correctly. On the other hand, we should try to calm these wild animals down,” said Barton, 59, a Thailand man.

    Barton has played at four places in Lopburi, including an ancient Hindu temple, a store and an old movie theater. The animals quickly surround Barton when he plays music. Some of the creatures sit on his chair, while others climb up his body and touch his head. However, Barton keeps his attention on his performance, even when some animals run over his hands on the instrument and other animals take control of his music papers. Barton is happy to find they are curious about him and the piano and enjoy the music as he is playing it.

    1. (1) Who are the listeners for Barton in Lopburi?
    2. (2) Why does Paul Barton play music to the animals in Lopburi?
    3. (3) How do the animals react when Barton plays to them in Lopburi?
    4. (4) What's the main idea of the article?
  • 1. (2021高一上·惠州期末) Over the next few years, our current computer network will (被……替代) even more advanced technology. (根据汉语提示完成句子)
  • 1. (2021高一上·惠州期末) Taking risks is the only way employees can provide (effect) and efficient customer service. (所给词的适当形式填空)
  • 1. (2021高一上·惠州期末) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的A、B、C和 D四个选项中,选出最佳选项。

    In a small house in Belgrade, a teenage girl is drying her hair, while two others eat nearby. Several boys are having their temperature tested at the door. It is another busy day for Svratiste, which is Belgrade's first center for children who live on the streets. For years, the building has provided warmth and shelter for the city's most ignored children.

    Since opening in 2007, Svratiste has welcomed hundreds of children, some as young as five years old. They come here to warm up, wash or eat. The kids that come to the center are all aged 5 to 15. What's common for all of them is that they work in the street and live in extreme poverty. Also very few ever go to school.

    Svratiste's team of 13 social workers, psychologists and other experts have welcomed more than 1,400 children over the years. Money for the group's operations comes from donations. Some people regularly bring in clothes and other aid. The group recently set up another center in a new part of town. Usually, the two centers are open every day. But both were sealed off because of restrictions when the COVID-19 pandemic(新型冠状病毒疫情)started in March. When Belgrade reopened in May, most of the children came back.

    The Svratiste team has tried to help the children get to know their city by visiting playgrounds and theaters. An important effort has been to include them in the education system and make sure they stay. Bosko Markovic, now 18, first came to Svratiste five years ago. With the center's help, he has finished high school and now wants to be a policeman. Therefore, Svratiste has made him a better person.

    1. (1) What can we learn about Svratiste?
    2. (2) What is the second paragraph mainly about?
    3. (3) Which of the following can refer to the words underlined in Para.3?
    4. (4) What can we infer from Bosko Markovic?
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