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  • 1. (2021·大连模拟) 阅读下面短文,在空白处填入1个适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式。

    Thanks to Chinese streaming media platform iQiyi, Hikaru No Go, a ________(domestic) produced 36-episode series based on the classic 1990s Japanese comic of the same name was finally broadcast on TV. Despite the ________ (popular) and mass appeal of the original comic, until now, no live-action adaptation of Hikaru No Go ________ (realize).

    In the story, a Chinese boy named Guang discovers a Go (围棋) board in which the spirit of an ancient master player is imprisoned (监禁). The boy is encouraged and taught by the ancient spirit, gradually ________ (become) a master player himself.

    The story is like fantasy, ________ has a typically realistic background, which may easily arouse strong emotion among the Chinese audience. For example, the beginning of the tale is set in the late 1990s, ________ South Korea dominated the international Go world and China fell behind.

    According to the producer, the series ________ (be) not just for Go fans, but for everyone. "In the story, the players grow through ________ (win) and losing, and their emotions can be felt by the audience, who also face challenges and try to seek achievement in________ own lives," he says.

    Now its ranking of 8.4 from a total of 10 points on Douban proves that it is ________domestic hit. Meanwhile, on social media in Japan, it has been greeted with huge support and praise.

  • 1. (2021·大连模拟) 阅读理解

    Readers will discover explorers, landmarks and more in the following maps and travel books.

    Maps Special Edition, ₤ 25

    This book was already popular in our children's area and has been made even better with this special edition. The collection of 68 maps takes you through 58 countries and six continents. It is packed with illustrated information, including famous historical figures, local dishes, some festivals, landmarks, etc.

    Maps of the United Kingdom, ₤17.99

    Technically aimed at children, it contains lots of information and facts. It's very well put together, especially when it comes to choosing the seven famous people with a connection to their special place. Philip Pullman, for example, is associated with Norfolk.

    Harry Potter's London, ₤3.99

    Harry Potter's London is a map that covers information on three walks taken in the best of the central London locations in the hugely popular films. The walks cover Picadilly Circus, Westminster Bridge via Trafailg, and King's Cross with its famous Platform 9 ¾.

    Ushorne First Sticker Book Flags, ₤5.99

    Learn the flag of every country in the world by placing the flag sticker on the correct countries on the maps. This contains interesting facts about countries and flags. There are fun questions throughout, including, "Some African flags have a diagonal strip (对角条纹). How many can you find?"

    1. (1) What knowledge does Maps Special Edition involve?
    2. (2) The one that allows readers to match countries with flags costs ______.
    3. (3) Who may be the target readers of the maps?
  • 1. (2021·大连模拟) 阅读理解

    Proudly reading my words, I looked around the room, only to find my classmates bearing big smiles on their faces and tears in their eyes and Miss Lancelot stone-faced. I slowly raised the report, hoping to hide myself and burning to find out "What could be causing everyone to act this way?"

    Quickly, I flashed back to the day Miss Lancelot gave me the task. This was the first real task I received in my new school. It seemed simple: go on the Internet and find information about a man named George Washington. Since my idea of history came from an ancient teacher in my home country, I had never heard of that name before. As I searched the name of this fellow, it became evident that there were two people bearing the same name who looked completely different! One invented hundreds of uses for peanuts, while the other led some sort of army across America. I stared at the screen, wondering which one my teacher meant. I called my grandfather for a golden piece of advice: flip (掷) a coin. Heads—the commander, and tails—the peanuts guy. Ah! Tails, my report would be about the great man who invented peanut butter, George Washington Carver.

    When another classmate began his report, it all became clear, "My report is on George Washington, the man who started the American Revolution." How could I know that she meant that George Washington?

    Obviously, my grade was awful. Heartbroken but fearless, I talked to Miss Lancelot, but she insisted: no re-dos; no new grade. I felt that the punishment was not justified, and I believed I deserved a second chance. Consequently, I threw myself heartily into my work for the rest of the school year. Ten months later, that chance unfolded as I found myself sitting in the headmaster's office with my grandfather and the headmaster informed me of his approval that I could skip the sixth grade. Justice is sweet!

    1. (1) What did the author's classmates think about his report?
    2. (2) What does the underlined word "burning" in Para. 1 probably mean?
    3. (3) Why was the author confused about the task?
    4. (4) Why did the author say "Justice is sweet"?
  • 1. (2021·大连模拟) 阅读理解

    We're loving the sea to death. We swim into it, live near it, build beside it, and even imagine about living under the sea. For much of our history, we have turned to "hard engineering" to control the marine environment and manage its influence on us. We build dams, sea walls and channels. But all these efforts seem to fail, because we've not been thinking about design of structures with respect to ecology. Some coastal structures create shade, which reduces the growth of seaweed. Bright lights at night contuse species such as turtles. That's why blue engineering comes in.

    Johnson, a marine ecologist, is advocating for "blue engineering" — the marine version of the "green engineering" movement on land that has seen nations like Singapore building the walls and roofs of the concrete jungle with plant life.

    Researchers with the World Harbour Project are creating tiles similar to the natural structures found on rocky shores with 3D printing technology. These make more attractive homes for marine creatures. Researchers are also actively seeding these tiles with local seaweeds and creatures such as the Sydney rock oyster, which is particularly good at improving water quality. Twelve harbors around the world are taking part in this marine tile experiment, each working with their own unique marine life.

    It's a far cry from the days when huge numbers of old tyres were thrown into the sea to build "artificial reefs". Those early attempts are now costing millions to remove, showing just how far we have yet to go in understanding how best to co-habit with the underwater world.

    1. (1) What do we know about "hard engineering"?
    2. (2) What does the underlined word "contuse" in Paragraph 1 mean?
    3. (3) Which of the following is a form of "blue engineering"?
    4. (4) What's the main idea of the passage?
  • 1. (2021·大连模拟) 完形填空

    I was 17 years old. Along with a dozen other boys I had made a long trip to Iowa in order to see a college that I was thinking of 1. While the trip had been 2 for the most part, I was feeling depressed, alone, and isolated. I was 3 the Appalachian mountains and the forests of my home. I loved 4 the leaves turned a thousand 5 of green in the Spring and then became a 6 of red, gold and orange in the Fall.

    Here in Iowa everything was 7. The grass looked burnt and brown. All that I could8was a mixture of corn, mud and pigs. I walked outside the dormitory of the college and sat on a big rock. I closed my eyes and 9 being back home again. When I finally opened them, however, I saw something that touched my 10. It was a Prairie (大草原) Sunset. It seemed to 11 the sky from horizon to horizon. Gold, red, purple and pink clouds all 12 together in a picture painted by Heaven's own hand. It was so huge that it took my 13 away. It made our mountain sunsets seem 14 by comparison. I realized that this place too had its own special beauty. This place too was a part of nature's15.

    A . quitting B . visiting C . attending D . exploring
    A . fun B . hard C . plain D . tiresome
    A . assuming B . picturing C . reminding D . missing
    A . if B . where C . why D . how
    A . shapes B . shades C . shadows D . sheets
    A . flood B . cloud C . sea D . blanket
    A . easy B . flat C . beautiful D . tough
    A . hear B . touch C . taste D . smell
    A . cared about B . dreamed of C . prepared for D . looked over
    A . body B . hand C . face D . soul
    A . fill B . break C . separate D . block
    A . folded B . sank C . flowed D . escaped
    A . pain B . breath C . wealth D . eyesight
    A . splendid B . pale C . tiny D . weak
    A . creation B . punishment C . change D . reflection
  • 1. (2021·大连模拟) 阅读理解

    Imagine that the genome (基因组) is a book. The book consists of 23 chapters, with thousands of stories made up of paragraphs, words and letters on different levels. There are one billion words in the book, which makes it longer than 500 dictionaries. If I read the genome out to you at the rate of one word per second for eight hours a day, it would take me a century. If I wrote out the human genome, one letter per millimeter, my text would be as long as the River Danube. This enormous document, however, all fits inside the extremely small nucleus (核) of a tiny cell that fits easily upon the head of a pin (针尖).

    The idea of the genome as a book is not, strictly speaking, even a metaphor (比喻). It is true to a great extent. A book is a piece of digital information, written in one-directional form and controlled by a system that translates a small alphabet (字母表) of letters into a large dictionary of meanings through the order of their groupings. So is a genome. The only difference is that all English books read from left to right, while some parts of the genome read from left to right, and some from right to left, though never both at the same time.

    While English books are written in words of different lengths using twenty-six letters, genomes are written entirely in three-letter words, using only four letters. And instead of being written on flat pages, they are written on long chains of DNA molecules (分子). The genome is a very clever book, because in the right conditions it can both photocopy itself and read itself.

    1. (1) What facts do you know about the genome?
    2. (2) In what sense is the genome like a book?
    3. (3) What can we know about genomes from paragraph 3?

      A. They are nearly of the same length.    B. They are made up of DN

    4. (4) Why did the writer make a comparison of the genome to a book?
  • 1. (2021·大连模拟) 高考在即,你对未来的职业生涯有什么规划吗?班级的英语角正在进行相关话题的作文征集,请用英文简单介绍一下你将来想从事的专业、职业及原因。




  • 1. (2021·大连模拟) 阅读下面材料,根据其内容和所给段落开头语续写两段,使之构成一篇完整的短文。

    "Late again, Mavis! How many times have I told you to come back in time to help me cook dinner?" asked Mrs. Muntari.

    "But, mummy, I can't just walk out in the middle of a game!" said Mavis, who was nearly breathless after running all the way home.

    "You shouldn't be playing the game in the first place." Mrs. Muntari said as she stopped cooking and looked at Mavis.

    "But, mum, Why can't I? You never tell Adibe or Senzo not to play football. I had to leave the game at half time and rush back so you wouldn't get cross with me," said Mavis.

    "You're a girl! It is as simple as that. Boys and girls have different roles to play. I have 11 hungry mouths to feed and I need your help!" Mrs. Muntari tasted the soup. "You're the oldest girl, so it is your job to help me. Now go and fry some more chicken. Kulu had to help me since you were not here. She burnt her finger and is still crying.

    At the dinner table, Adibe and Senzo were excitedly talking about today's game. They talked about how Mavis scored in the first half with a power shot from the halfway line. It was a great goal as their team was losing 1-0 at that time.

    Dad came home then and brought the boys a local newspaper, in which there was news about football scouts (球探) from England. These scouts were allowed to visit various schools to look for players of the future. Adibe and Senzo looked at each other, cheered and even started arguing which one would make it as a superstar.

    Mavis knew that her parents would never allow her to play football. But she decided to secretly take this chance. She began to think about what she could do.




    Soon it came to the day when the scouts visited Mavis's school.


    When Mavis arrived at the playground, it was at half time.

  • 1. (2021·衡水模拟) 阅读理解

    Four Interesting Science Museums

    Polytechnic Museum, Russia

    For many guests of the capital, some of the most vivid childhood memories are associated with this museum. A variety of technical fields are presented in 65 halls-Mining, Space, Energy, and Transportation, etc. And the exposition (博览会) is the only museum project in Russia about the history of the bike. The interactive division "Technoplay" is open, where you not only can but also need touch most of the exhibits with your hands. In addition to self-experimentation, for personal requests the museum's experts will show many entertaining experiments.

    Eureka, England

    The Eureka educational center is a huge complex where modern science and technology are becoming clear, even to kids. The main exhibition is devoted to the human body, the laws of physics and natural things. Visitors can obtain energy or create paper with their own hands. On the area of the Eureka educational park there is a botanical garden and a collection of minerals from the rock types of Finland is presented there.

    Deutsches Museum, Germany

    In this museum you can see more than 100 thousand different items from windmills (风车) to medical equipment. All aspects of industrial production appear before the eyes. Several museum rooms are arranged especially for children-there are exhibits that entertain kids starting from three.

    NEMO, the Netherlands

    The largest Dutch research centre stands ready to share its secrets with everyone. This immersion (沉浸) in the world of science and technology will not be dull. All significant information is presented in the form of exciting games. All exhibits are interactive; visitors are allowed to touch, pull and press on anything. The museum is for children from 6 to 16, as well as for their parents-it will be interesting to all.

    1. (1) What can visitors do at Polytechnic Museum?
    2. (2) Where should visitors go if they are interested in plants?
    3. (3) What makes NEMO unique?
  • 1. (2021·衡水模拟) 阅读理解

    Some termite (白蚁) species have figured out how to enjoy the shelter of the huge complex nests that the insects build without contributing to their construction. They avoid the full anger of their builder hosts by being extremely easy-going.

    Animals that live in the nests of another species without affecting them are known as inquilines. Inquiline termites are unique among termites in being unable to make their own nests. Instead, they live in the hallways built by another termite, Constrictotermes cyphergaster. Until now, it has been unclear how the two parties kept peaceful in such tight quarters because termites are typically very aggressive towards outsiders.

    Helder Hugo at the University of Konstanz in Germany and his colleagues collected Constrictotermes cyphergaster's nests in the Brazilian Cerrado and brought them into the laboratory. They then placed host and tenant (房客) termites in either open or narrow areas and used video to track and record the ways in which the two species reacted to each other.

    Right from the start, the inquiline' termites moved around less than their hosts and interacted little with them, even in the much narrower area. "Many times," says Hugo, "when two unrelated groups are put together in a limited space—such as an experimental area—the outcome is conflict with losses from both sides." But that didn't happen here. Despite attacks from host termites, the tenant termites were obedient. Hosts would bite or attack the inquilines with strong chemicals, but their targets never responded in the same way, choosing to flee. Some ignored the hosts completely.

    "We did not expect that they would never fight back," says Hugo, noting that the inquilines are capable of protecting their own place with mouths. "By preventing conflict going worse, inquiline termites may considerably improve their chances of living together with their host termites peacefully."

    "Passiveness does not necessarily lead to defeat, but can be a very useful strategy, saving energy and resources," she adds. "Nature may not always be red in tooth and claw, and aggression is not any more successful a strategy than 'cowardice' (儒弱)."

    1. (1) What is the feature of the inquiline termites?
    2. (2) What do you learn about the experiment in paragraph 3?
    3. (3) What does Hugo think of the inquiline termites' living strategy?
    4. (4) What's the best title for the text?
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