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  • 1. 请仔细阅读1~5五个段落,然后从A~F六个选项中选出和每个段落对应的内容。选项中有一项是多余选项。

    ⑴ ________ Frank is a junior high school student. He is 15 years old. He likes studying. Today is Tuesday. When he woke up in the morning, he felt sick. And then he had to ask for a day's leave.

    ⑵ ________ Last Sunday, John visited the City Zoo with his parents. The animals there were very lovely. John liked them very much. After he came back home from the zoo, he decided to keep a pet.

    ⑶ ________ Kelsey is an outgoing girl. She is also a real movie fan. She spends most of her free time seeing movies.

    ⑷ ________ Alice is a student in No.1 Middle School, She lives with her parents. Her mother is a hotel manager and her father is a doctor. They are always very busy but they still try their best to take care of her.

    ⑸ ________ Today is a holiday. In the evening Lily went out to watch the full moon with her family. They ate delicious moonquakes, and fruit. But Lily didn't eat much because she had to control her weight.

    A. Jenny and I are going to see Kung Fu Panda 2 at the Max Cinema. Want to join us?

    B. My dog has three little cute puppies. Do you want to keep one?

    C. Happy Mid-Autumn Day! May the joy and happiness around you today and always.

    D. I have a meeting tonight. Your dinner is on the kitchen table you're your homework after dinner.

    E. Do you feel better now? We have an English test tomorrow. Read the sentences on Page 15.

    F. I A new supermarket will open in our neighborhood. I am going to go shopping. Would you like to go there with me?

  • 1. 任务型阅读

        China is a country with many colorful days and festivals. The Dragon Head Raising Day (Longtaitou) is one of them.

        This special day is on the second day of the second month in the Chinese lunar calendar(阴历). It stands for the start of spring and farming. This year, the day falls on March 2.

        The dragon is important in Chinese culture. We Chinese people call ourselves the "descendants(传人) of the dragon". Therefore, people celebrate the Dragon Head Raising Day with many customs about dragons.

        On the day in ancient(古代的) times, people put ashes(灰) in the kitchen. This was to "lead the dragon into the house". People believed that with the help of the dragon, they could have a good harvest(收成) in autumn.

        Also, people eat special foods on that day. The foods are usually named after dragons. For example, people eat "dragon whisker(细须)" noodles and dumpling called "dragon teeth".

        Today, many customs have faded away(消退). But one that has remained (保留)is the cutting of hair. It was said that a haircut during the first lunar month may bring bad luck to the uncles of a family-mainly mother's brothers. So many people have their hair cut on the Dragon Head Raising Day.

        Fill in the table below:

    About the Dragon Head R________ Day


    The second day of the ________month in the Chinese lunar calendar.

    Symbolic eaning(象征意义)

    The start of spring and________.

    How to________

    * Today, people celebrate it with many customs about________.

    * In ancient times, people put ashes in the________. This was to "lead the dragon into the house".

    * People eat________ foods on that day. The foods are usually named after dragons.

    * One custom is the________ of hair. It was said that a haircut during the first lunar month may________  bad luck to the uncles of a family-mainly________ brothers.

  • 2. 根据短文内容,简要回答下列问题。

        Do you remember the name of your kindergarten teacher? I do. Her name was Mrs. White.

        I don't remember much about what we learned in her class, but my mother once told me that we used to write a lot. And I would bring back what I wrote and she would look at it and see there were so many mistakes. But there were no red corrections but always a star. Sometimes even a word "Good"! That would make my heart filled with happiness, but it worried my mother.

        So one day when she went to meet Mrs. White, Mother asked her why she never corrected my mistakes, and why she never pointed out those mistakes. Mrs. White said, "The children are just beginning to get excited about using words, about making sentences. I don't want to make them lose that enthusiasm (热情) with red ink. Spelling and grammar can wait. The wonder of words won't ..."

        And thanks to Mrs. White, I had no qualms (顾忌) about writing what I meant even if I couldn't quite spell it out. Life isn't Perfect. It's Beautiful. She helped me understand it.

    1. (1) What does Mrs. White do?
    2. (2) What did the writer use to get for his homework?
    3. (3) How did the writer's mother feel when seeing his homework?
  • 3. 阅读短文,从方框中A—F六个选项中为每段内容选择正确的小标题(其中有一项多余)。

    A. Go to the Doctors as soon as possible.

    B. But do you know how to deal with this emergency(突发事件).

    C. Cover the burn Area.

    D. Protect Yourself.

    E. Wash and clear burn area.

    F. What's the matter?


        Just before the Midnight on Aug. 12th, 2015, a big explosion(大爆炸)hit the port City of Tianjin, China. Lots of people were injured by the explosion. Some of them suffered from chemical burns(灼伤).


        Put on gloves or protection suit(防护衣). If possible. Avoid exposing yourself to chemical.


        Keep the burn area in cold water for at least 20 minutes.

        Don't use a strong stream(水流) of water, if possible.

        Don't try to deal the burn area with other ways before you see a doctor.

        Don't put antibiotic ointment(抗生素药膏) on the burn. This could cause a chemical Reaction(化学反应) that worsens the burn.


        You can cover a small burn with dry, sterile gauze

    (消毒纱布)or clean cloth to protect it from being infected(感染).


        Though we can deal with this emergency by ourselves. We are not the doctors. So we must see the doctors for help us with the burn. The sooner you see the doctor, the safer you will be.

  • 4. (2018八上·湖州期中) 根据短文内容,从短文后的A-E五个选项中,选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。

    A.   The next day, I went to a bicycle shop.

    B.   and the bike was mine.

    C.   a young woman kindly helped me.

    D.  I still don’t know who that young woman was.

    E.   At the end of the day, I made some money from the selling!

        Thirty years ago, I walked into a bakery(面包房)and asked for some bread to sell. At that time, I was only 12 years old. Nobody took me seriously but ________  she gave me five loaves of bread and wished me good luck.

        I took the bread and went out to sell them. It took me all day, but I sold them all. ________I was the happiest boy in the world as I walked home that evening.

        ________ I paid a deposit(定金)on a new bicycle. And then I started my job as a newspaper delivery boy. Soon I could pay the rest of the money for the bicycle ________  I was so proud of(骄傲的)myself.

        Today I still work in the delivery business. I have a truck to send goods all over the country. I live in a beautiful house, but I don't ride a bicycle these days. I drive a large nice car.

        ________But she gave me the start, then I can become a successful man. I'd like to show my thanks to her.

  • 5. 任务型阅读


        It is a Saturday morning.You have your breakfast,walk the dog,and then go to soccer practice on time.A few hours later, you return home,only to find that the dog has made your bedroom untidy.Your clothes are on the floor.________.

        Before you get angry, you should stop and think.Your dog wasn't misbehaving(捣蛋)just for the fun of it.And he wasn't punishing(惩罚)for leaving.________ It's called separation anxiety(分离焦虑)

        Thank of it this way :Dogs ask where you're going or when you'll be back.________All they know is that they want to be with you.Since you're not there,they need to find you.Dogs may suddenly develop separation anxiety.But with practice and patience(耐心),you can teach your dog to be comfortable being left alone.

        Put on your jacket,and then sit down.________After a while,walk out the door for 1 minute,then 2 and so on.Little by little your dog will learn that when you leave,you will return.


        Teach your dog a word or action that you use every time you leave,which tells your dog you'll be back.

        ·Before you leave,give your dog a toy(玩具).It will keep him busy while you're away.

    A.You can also try the following ways.

    B.Your favorite sports shoes are in poor condition.

    C.You'd better find someone to look after your dog.

    D.They can't call you on the phone.

    E.Open and close the door, and men sit down.

    F.Some dogs just feel nervous when left alone.