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  • 1. 阅读下面短文,根据文中信息完成一则告示,每空不得超过三词。

        Brandon Forest Park is a place of interest. This large woodland is home to many birds and other wildlife. It's open all year round to visitors.

        In the centre of the park is the Forest Shop and Cafe. You can buy maps in the shop and there are all kinds of gifts and souvenirs on the as well.

        The cafe is open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. It is open from 9 a. m. to 3 p. m. from Monday to Friday. But on Wednesday it's shut all day.

        There's also a large area [or visitors to enjoy a picnic lunch. But please don't thaw rubbish.

        Bicycles are for hire (租用). For an hour it costs $ 3.5 and for half a day it's $ 9.79.

        Special events are held at the park during the summer. There's going to be an outdoor play, a concert and a horse-riding race this summer.

        More information about the park can be found on our website www.brandonforestpark.com.

    Brandon Forest Park

    Foist Shop and Cafe

        The shop sells {#blank#}1{#/blank#}. Gifts and souvenirs.

        The Cafe is not open on {#blank#}2{#/blank#}.

    Picnic area

        {#blank#}3{#/blank#} is not allowed.

    Bicycle hire

        $3. 5 an hour, $ {#blank#}4{#/blank#} half a day.

    Summer events

        An outdoor play, a {#blank#}5{#/blank#} and a horse-riding race.

    For more information, visit www.brandonforestpark.com.

  • 1. 阅读下面短文,在空白处填入一个适当的词,或填入括号中所给单词的正确形式。

        Do you play Ant Forest? It is {#blank#}1{#/blank#} online game on Alipay (支付宝). Players {#blank#}2{#/blank#} (collect) "energy" by doing something environmentally-friendly. They can grow and water {#blank#}3{#/blank#} (they) own "trees" with the "energy". {#blank#}4{#/blank#} the "trees" are big enough, Alipay with some other companies will plant real trees in the desert (沙漠) area of China. Every year millions of trees {#blank#}5{#/blank#} (plant) in this way.

        This is part of China's tree-planting program. It hopes {#blank#}6{#/blank#} (stop) the desert from becoming larger. Since 1978, China has planted over 66 billion trees {#blank#}7{#/blank#} the north. It is known as "the Great Green Wall". For example, Saihanba in Hebei Province was once a desert, {#blank#}8{#/blank#} now it has become the biggest man-made forest in China.

        "China is making the world much {#blank#}9{#/blank#} (green) than before. It sets a good example and has many {#blank#}10{#/blank#} (lesson) to share with the world." said the United Nations Environment Program.

  • 1. 某英文网站正在举办以“My school Life”为主题的征文活动。假设你是李华,请用英语写一篇短文投稿。




    English, Science, ……


    Kind, helpful….


    sports, hobbies





    My School Life

        I'm Li Hua from Sunny Hill Middle School in China. I'd like to share my school life with you.

  • 1. How did the girl go to school today?
    A . By bike. B . By car. C . On foot.
  • 1. What does the boy think of the movie?
    A . Interesting B . Moving C . Boring
  • 1. 听下面一段较长对话,回答问题。
    1. (1)How did Johnson feel at first?
    2. (2)Who took part in the speech competition?
    3. (3)What is Johnson busy with?
  • 1. 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从每题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中选出最佳选项。

        After school on Friday, I waited at the school gate lo walk home with Jemma, as usual. Then I saw 1 talking and laughing happily with some other girls. She glanced (瞥了一眼) at me and left me alone there I knew fight then that I had 2 my best friend.

        At dinner, Mom asked. "Is Jemma coming by tomorrow?"

        I shrugged (耸肩) and said nothing.

        The next morning. Mom asked. "Today is 3. What are you and Jemma going to do?" I shrugged again. "4 is Jemma?"

        Mom took a look at me. Them she said, "Will you take these magazines to Grandma, please?"

        5 I walked down the street, a new girl in the neighborhood came towards me, smiling. But I just went 6 her.

        Grandma welcomed me at the door with a warm hug.

        Sitting on the sofa, I noticed a(an) 7 of kids in old-fashioned clothes on the table . Grandma pointed at a girl with short fair hair.

        "That's Beth Lambert," she said. "My best friend. Until a week before we took this photo." I was 8 at that.

        "Beth and I were best friends in school. We did everything 9. Then one day, she made new friends and said she didn't want to hang out with me anymore. Nothing hurt 10 that."

        I didn't say anything. I couldn't. I knew I'd start 11 if I opened my mouth.

        Grandma hugged me again. "Simone, sometimes friends grow 12. It might happen to anyone," she continued. "Then, see him?" Grandma's finger 13 to a boy with glasses in the photo. "He lived near me. When I was walking home by myself 14 this boy was, too, I said 'hello'. And we became friends."

        "So, if we want to start a new friendship," she smiled. "One 15 is all it took."

        As I was heading home, that new girl appeared again. I went towards her and spoke, "Hello."

    A . it B . them C . her D . him
    A . lost B . hurt C . forgotten D . beaten
    A . Monday B . Friday C . Saturday D . Sunday
    A . How B . Where C . Which D . Who
    A . As B . Before C . After D . Until
    A . to B . past C . with D . against
    A . card B . photo C . poster D . advertisement
    A . glad B . angry C . satisfied D . surprised
    A . together B . outside C . differently D . quickly
    A . less than B . because of C . more than D . instead of
    A . singing B . laughing C . shouting D . crying
    A . old B . separate C . strong D . close
    A . moved B . connected C . returned D . waved
    A . so B . but C . for D . and
    A . hug B . smile C . word D . question
  • 1. 阅读下列材料,从每题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中选出最佳选项。

    International Museum Day is coming! Here are some special museums that you must see.

    Sweet Museum, Russia

        Do you love candy? Don't miss the sweet world in Russia. You can find different kinds of sweet food here. But they are just models! Look, how big the lollipops (棒棒糖) are! People can ride on them. Want to taste the ice cream? Be careful—the ice-cream balls are lights!

    Museum of Failure, Sweden

        There are more than 100 failed products in the museum. Some of them come from the world's most successful companies, like the Newton computer from Apple. Maybe success stories are similar and kind of boring, but we can find interesting stories in failures and learn something from them.

    Cancun Underwater Museum, Mexico

        It is a secret garden under the sea. You can either dive (潜水) or take a glass boat into it. Down here, sea animals live around 400 sculptures (石膏像). Each sculpture tells a story and it's made of special material, which is good for the sea life.

    Museum of Broken Relationships, Croatia

        Some relationships end—with lovers, with dreams and with cities. This special museum has a collection of objects from people all over the world who want to lock their memories. Each of the objects shares a story of their past relationship.

    1. (1)If you're interested in art under the sea, you may go to ________.
    2. (2)According to the passage, which of the following is TRUE?
    3. (3)The passage is probably from the column (栏目) of ________ in a magazine.
  • 1. 阅读下列材料,从每题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中选出最佳选项。

        On March 10, 2019, eight-year-old Tani won the New York Chess Championship (纽约象棋冠军赛) of his age group. But the boy, who was homeless at the time, began learning the game less than a year ago.

        Tani and his family arrived in New York City from Africa in 2017. A church helped him enter the primary school, P. S, 116. Here the gifted boy was first introduced to chess by a part-time teacher Makofsky, owner of a chess club. Interested in the game, the seven-year-old asked his mother to allow him to join the club. Not able to afford the chess classes, she emailed Makofsky. To her surprise and joy, Makofsky agreed that Tani could learn it for free.

        Though the chess club helps, it's largely believed that Tani's success lies in his hard work. The boy practices the game for many hours a day on the floor with his board. Every Saturday, Tani goes to a free 3-hour class to improve his game skills.

        Not surprisingly, Tani's story, first reported by The New York Times, has brought him great support from the American public. Soon after the young boy won the New York Championship, Makofsky began a GoFundMe activity for Tani and his family so that he could continue his chess journey. It raised $ 200,000 in just ten days, far more than they expected. And the money keeps coming, But the family donates (捐赠) most of the money to the church and to those poor families.

        Tani has also received offers from three famous private schools in New York. However, the family have politely refused all of them and chosen to continue Tani's education at P. S. 116.

        The young boy's story also caught the eye of Bill Clinton, the 42nd US President. "Tani, you're an example of a winning spirit - in chess and in life. I'd love to meet you," he said on his Facebook.

        While excited about his new life, Tani is ready to meet great challenges (挑战). He is busy preparing for the 2019 National Primary Championships. Winning the competition will bring the chess player closer to his dream of becoming the world's youngest chess grandmaster (大师). The record has been kept for 17 years by the Russian chess player Karjakin, who won the title at the age of 12.

    1. (1)Tani began to learn chess at the age of ________.
    2. (2)Paragraph 3 is mainly about ________.
    3. (3)After winning the New York Championship, Tani ________.
    4. (4)The writer mentions the Russian chess player Karjakin to ________.
  • 1. What will Peter do on Sunday afternoon?
    A . Go camping. B . Have a piano lesson. C . Visit his grandfather.
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