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    In your spare time, do you help your parents with chores (杂活)around the house? Can you cook for your family?

    In order to stress (强调) the importance of hard-working spirit education (劳动教育) among students of different ages, the Communist Party of China Central Committee(中共中央) recently released( 发布) a guideline (指导纲要).

    The guideline calls for students to respect labor work. Students should learn basic life skills and form good working habits through such education.

    The government has been trying to stress the importance of hard-working spirit education. But this has been overlooked(忽视) in recent years. Many teenagers do not value the importance of working hard and aren't interested in doing so.

    According to a study of nearly 3,000 students that was done by Ningbo Evening News in March, only 22% of students help with everyday chores around the house.

    Schools and families play an important role in teaching students about the value of working hard, the guideline says.

    Primary and middle schools should provide students with hard-working spirit classes every week, according to the guideline. Schools can also hold activities to give students real-world work experience. For example, schools can teach children how to plant trees on Tree-Planting Day.

    As children's first teachers, parents should also encourage children to learn how to do chores at home. Students should master one or two life skills every year. These skills can include cooking, washing their own clothes and tidying their rooms.

    1. (1) The guideline was released recently in order to _______.
    2. (2) The underlined word "this" in Paragraph 4 refers to _______.
    3. (3) According to the guideline, schools can _______.
    4. (4) Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?
    5. (5) What is the best title of the passage?
  • 1. (2021九下·期末) 根据短文内容,将下面方框中的句子还原到文章当中,使短文内容完整。

    A Better Way to Start Your Day

    Whether you love mornings or not, they're a fact of life. If you hate them, here are some ways to make them less awful. If you're a morning person, these tips can make mornings even better!

    Be sure to get an adequate(足够的) amount of sleep. Most people need seven or eight hours of sleep to feel their best during the day. If you must get up at5 or 6 a. m. , go to bed early to get your eight hours. Turn off the TV, computer or smartphone and hit the hay. When you get enough sleep, you won't feel sleepy. You can get out of bed on time. That will make your day better, too.

    Turn on some music in the morning. Play any tune you like. It doesn't matter.   You'll feel much happier as you start the day.

    As your mother said, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Your body is out of fuel( 燃料)by morning. You need some to help you control your blood- sugar. That affects your mood(情绪)and energy for the day.

    Don't watch TV or read a newspaper first thing in the morning. Your brain is fresh and ready to work on new things. Don't fill it up with negative(消极的) information about the world and its problems. Instead, read something inspiring(鼓舞人的)or uplifting.

    Avoid answering QQ or WeChat first thing. Use that precious(宝贵的) morning time to get some exercise, eat breakfast and enjoy life. Check QQ or WeChat last before you leave your house. Then you'll only have time to check the most important messages.

    Every day is a new day- enjoy it!

    A. A good breakfast can make your day.

    B. Your day will start better if you take time for the important things.

    C. A good morning starts the night before.

    D. Just turn on something that makes you feel good.

    E. This will give you positive thoughts to start your day.

  • 1. (2021九下·期末) 阅读理解

    A yearbook is a tradition of high school life in the United States. The book contains(包含) the name, photo, and signature(签名)of each student in your final year, so that you can remember who you went to school with. A 15-year-old girl Catherine Cook and her brother David wanted more than this. They thought, "Why not have a yearbook online? You could learn about people's music tastes, the movies they like, and so on. "

    Catherine thought of the name- my Yearbook. com, and the logo(图标). To advertise the site, Catherine and David wore T-shirts with the site logo to school and soon hundreds of their schoolmates became users of the site. She spent many evenings talking on the phone to programmers in India, and collecting ideas from her schoolmates. Then her older brother Geoff came up with the money to start up the website.

    My Yearbook users can join in the fun by sending messages and" collecting" friends. They can watch the same videos from films and TV programs, and share music, photos, homework and study guides. Some teens feel they can make friends more easily online. Chatting online helps some shy people not to feel left out.

    Users can also make" Lunch Money" by doing activities on the site. They can then spend their Lunch Money on gifts, or donate(捐赠)it to charities. They have saved 0.3 km2 of rainforest, cleaned up million kg of CO2, sent 22,000 books to Africa, and bought 20,000 kg of rice for people without enough food.

    Running the website did not stop Catherine and David from finishing their schoolwork successfully, and going on to university where they still spent 50 hours a week on the site.

    1. (1) Who got the idea of setting up my Yearbook. com?
    2. (2) How did Catherine and David get their schoolmates to know the site?
    3. (3) My Yearbook. com is set up to help users _______.
    4. (4) Which of the following' is NOT true about" Lunch Money"?
    5. (5) What is the text mainly about?
  • 1. (2021九下·期末) 新科技的目的是使生活更简单而不是更难。

    The purpose of new technology is life more difficult.

  • 1. (2021九下·期末) 习近平总书记在全国教育大会上提出了"立德树人"的人才培养根本任务,作为一名初中毕业生,你有什么人生规划?请根据以下提示,写一篇英语演讲稿。




    要求:语句通顺,意思连贯,可根据提示适当发挥,不要逐句翻译;演讲中不得提及考生个人身份的相关信息,如人名、校名或地名等;词数80~ 100,开头结尾已给出(不计人总词数)。

    Hello, everyone!


    That's all. Thank you!

  • 1. (2021九下·期末) 完形填空

    Long long ago, there lived a teacher in a small village. He often1his students in special ways. One day he sent four of his students to go to a small farm to see apple trees in2seasons. The first student went in winter, the second in spring, the third in summer, and the last in autumn.

    After the four students 3 back, the teacher called them together. They pictured (描述) their 4 to the teacher. The first student said that there were no leaves on the trees. It made him feel very5. The second student 6, "What are you talking about? My eyes were full of light green. It made me feel hopeful." The third one couldn't wait to say excitedly," How pretty the trees were! I felt so relaxed. The sweet smell of the 7 spread here and there attracting (吸引) many bees and butterflies." Hearing these words, the last one shook his head. He said he got a strong feeling of satisfaction when he saw a lot of apples on the beautiful trees.

    The teacher smiled and told his students8 of them were wrong, but each just 9 one season. He continued," The trees are not the same in different seasons. You can't judge(判断)a tree by seeing only one season. "

    Everything has different sides in our life. Don't try to make a conclusion(结论)10 before you see the whole of it.

    A . told B . taught C . asked D . warned
    A . natural B . strange C . different D . beautiful
    A . stood B . arrived C . found D . came
    A . feelings B . interviews C . trips D . surveys
    A . tired B . amazed C . disappointed D . excited
    A . explained B . nodded C . thought D . disagreed
    A . flowers B . trees C . apples D . leaves
    A . all B . both C . none D . some
    A . knew B . saw C . told D . learned
    A . in a hurry B . in person C . in public D . in a way
  • 1. (2021九下·期末) We hope to continue to have her close support and (友谊).
  • 1. (2021九下·期末) It's c to kill wild animals and eat their meat.
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