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  • 1. (2020九上·余杭开学考) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C和D)中选出最佳选项。

    If you need to call your parents but your phone is not with you, can you remember their numbers? To remember 11 numbers is not difficult. However, because of the smart phone, many of us are losing this ability. What's more, smart phones weaken our skills at giving directions, as well as killing face-to-face communications. Even when friends are having a meal together, it's common for most to check their phones.

    According to a report by Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, an American company, Chinese people spend about 170 minutes on their smart phones daily.

    Many students are addicted to using smart phones. It does no good to their study. Research by Japan's Education Ministry showed children who spend more than four hours a day on their phones perform much worse in school tests than those who play with their phones for 30 minutes.

    It's true that the smart phone has made our lives easier. But many also think they spend too much time on it, and this is bad for their study or work. People are trying to change that.

    A new app called Forest was introduced this month. It lets users plant a seed that grows into a tree over the next 30 minutes. During the half hour, users cannot use their phones or the tree will die.

    A restaurant in Los Angeles, US, gives people a 5% discount if they don't check their phones during a meal. Owner Mark Gold said he hopes it gives people a way to enjoy their meal and actually talk with friends and family in person.

    1. (1) What does the word "addicted" probably mean in Chinese?
    2. (2) The app "Forest" is used to
    3. (3) By giving people a 5% discount, Owner Mark Gold wants his customers to
    4. (4) What's the best title of the passage?
  • 1. (2020九上·余杭开学考) 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(1个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。

    I'm a teacher. My students can always make me feel happy. It was near Christmas during my ________ (one) term teaching at a new school. Other teachers had told me that our children were from poor families and not to expect any child ________ (bring) a Christmas gift. In fact, I loved the children ________ enjoyed teaching, so I wasn't expecting any gifts.

    Imagine my surprise when every child brought me a gift on the day before our holiday break. First, I ________ (get) a toy monkey from a shy girl. I was told, "He is my favourite, but I love you and I want him to be with you, Miss Taylor." ________ happy I was!

    Next came a set of Christmas tree lights that was "missing" from a mother's cupboard.

    Finally, I came to one little boy's gift which I had never received. It was ________ old,dirty and broken Christmas storybook. Just when I wanted to express my happiness, I ________ (stop) by the giver, "And see, it is new! It still has the price tag."

    When other children laughed at him, I stopped ________ (they) and said, "Oh, books are good in that way. The story is always new if you have not read it before. Now, let's share one together. "Everyone listened ________ (quiet) because I read the most wonderful Christmas Story of my life.

    I ________(keep) those Christmas gifts since then. They always remind me of my lovely kids.

  • 1. (2020九上·余杭开学考) Nobody t________ him. He learnt to use the computer by himself.
  • 1. (2020九上·余杭开学考) 下面文章中有五处需要添加小标题请从以下选项(A、B、C、D、E和F)中选出符合各段意思的小标题。选项中有一项是多余选项。

    A. Don't give up easily       B. Reward yourself

    C. Watch your weight.       D. Keep your goal in mind

    E. Start small                F. Prepare healthy food or drink

    Your resolutions should never be put off. If you finally decide to start your healthy eating plan, start to do it right away. Here are some top tips to help you beat the food temptation(诱惑) and keep healthy.


    Some people go as far as to advise to stick a picture of your ideal body on your fridge. If that can work for you, go ahead. Just remember why you started beating the temptation and remember that the choices you make today will decide how your body looks and feels.


    We've heard that Rome wasn't built in a day. We should follow the same way when it comes to dropping weight or eating clean. We can start by making one simple small change every week or two.by the end of the year, you would have made around fifty small changes that's more than enough to equal big results


    Beat the temptation by always being prepared. Have healthy snacks such as a small tub of blueberries, nuts, apple slices with nut butter, carrots, or other vegetables within easy reach. When you feel really thirsty, have a cup of cold water instead of coffee or milk tea.


    Every time when you want to say: "I'll take a rest, and I'll start next week."You just look at the model on the cover of a magazine and think how she made it. Think it over that you'll be the same as her if you hold on your plan.


    This doesn't mean eating a big meal or the chocolate you have been dreaming of. Try connecting rewards with non-food items rather than junk food. For example, reward your fitness exercise and clean eating with dancing, singing or wearing new jeans to go with your new figure.

  • 1. (2020九上·余杭开学考) Mr. Green has something e________ to do. So he could not go camping with us.
  • 1. (2020九上·余杭开学考) Our class b________ Class Five in the basketball game last week.
  • 1. (2020九上·余杭开学考) He has lost ten p________ in weight after much exercise.
  • 1. (2020九上·余杭开学考) 假如你是李平,收到在杭留学生Mike的邮件,请根据邮件内容给他回复,80词左右。

    Dear Li Ping,

    I heard that your school was going to have an English Festival next week. I'd like to come and join you, but could you please tell me more information about it? When is it exactly? What interesting activities are there? You know I like making friends, so is it possible for me to sing an English song and let others get to know me?

    Hope to hear from you soon.



    Hi Mike,

    Very glad to hear from you.


    Li Ping

  • 1. (2020九上·余杭开学考) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C和D)中选出最佳选项。

    When it comes to Chinese students considering studying in foreign countries, many of them usually believe that life will be easy and enjoyable. Unfortunately, it's likely that students with those beliefs will be disappointed very soon after landing at the airport.

    So, what are the problems you may have, and how can you deal with them?

    Teaching and learning styles in America are very different from those in China, requiring more critical thinking(批判性思维) and teamwork. In normal American classroom, one project might be done by a study group in which every person has their own responsibility.

    So don't worry about your language or any small mistakes. Just watch what other students do, and don't be afraid of asking any question. The discussions, or sometimes even arguments, that your group members and you hold are likely to be the beginning of a friendship.

    Besides schoolwork, another important thing faced by overseas students is homesickness or loneliness. You may miss your parents' cooking your pets, or even your old bed. Being away from home can create bitter feelings, especially when faced with the challenges of getting used to a new environment.

    What I strongly suggest is to try hard to deal with these feelings. Be open to new friendships. Sign up for school activities, and give yourself permission to enjoy life at school, even if you miss home a lot. Be organized and keep a diary to check your progress. Write down three new things that you're grateful for every evening, as well as three things you're looking forward to every morning.

    Studying abroad is never simple. In fact, there will be many difficulties every day. But I'm sure you will overcome your difficulties and make your time overseas a success.

    1. (1) The article is written for _______.
    2. (2) Students in America finish their schoolwork by______.
    3. (3) Which is NOT the suggestion to deal with homesickness according to the article?
    4. (4) How is the article organized?
  • 1. (2020九上·余杭开学考) 1 discovered that listening to something interesting is the s________ to language leaning.
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