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    The Pomodoro technique is probably one of the most powerful techniques in all of learning. All you have to do is set a timer for 25 minutes, and then just focus as attentively as you can for those 25 minutes.

    Now if you start focusing on and you're working on, and then you look up at the timer and two minutes have passed. You may feel like you can't hold on. And just let the thought go by, and return your focus to whatever you are working on. And when that 25 minutes is up you relax a little bit. You might wonder why that 25 minutes is the magic number, and the reality is we don't really know. There's not a lot of research on the Pomodoro technique, which is surprising because it's so incredibly popular and people find it very useful.

    But there's an interesting tidbit related to the Pomodoro technique, and that is that: when you just think about something that you don't like very much, it stimulates a part of the brain that experiences pain. And so the brain naturally enough shifts its attention to something else, like Facebook or Twitter or something like that.

    And what the Pomodoro technique does, when you do it you're setting that timer. You don't want to sit there and think," I'm going to work on this problem and get it all finished. You just want to think, I've got 25 minutes where I just have to work on something." Don't even think about what that something is. What that does is it slips in under your brain's radar. It doesn't stimulate so much that pain in your brain; and then that pain in the brain, research has shown, lasts for 20 minutes.

    So if you work for 25 minutes you will suddenly find yourself getting into the flow because you've gone past that painful period. So the Pomodoro technique is effective in many different aspects.

    1. (1) Which is an example of using the Pomodoro technique?
    2. (2) What can be inferred about the Pomodoro technique from paragraph 2?
    3. (3) Why is the tidbit mentioned in paragraph 3?
    4. (4) How does the Pomodoro technique work?
  • 1. (2021·潍坊模拟) 阅读下面材料,根据其内容和所给段落开头语续写两段,使之构成一篇完整的短文.

    Our friendship runs back to our college days when I first met Rishi. We had our own share" first impression about each other. Mine was—she's a lovely, charming and full of life personality. Hers was—I look like an arrogant personality. I don't blame her for this. Many of my close friends had the same view when they first met me. Blame it on my bitch face and me being a shy person to some extent.

    We became really close within a short period of time. Ours was group of four people divided into 2 each during our final year when we both chose advertising as our specialization and the other two journalism. Back then, I was a regular user of BBM messenger and hardly used Whatsapp.

    On one specific occasion, we had really bad argument about a failed project. The usual blame game was on. We decided to put it past us and focus on our studies. During this time, she once handed me her phone to show me a picture. While I was going through that, I came across a message from a particular Whatsapp group that comprises of her and my other two friends. I asked her permission to view the group. She had a blank expression on her face. But she allowed me to go ahead.

    I was in shock while going through their messages. Not really positive things were said about me in particular. It shook me. Because these were the people. I considered my friends. I broke down in front of her. She apologised. But I felt cheated on. I told her about my decision of not wanting to continue this friendship further. We both missed each other. But neither of us wanted to give the last try.




    Then came the Rajasthan IV trip which was our official last trip.


    It's been almost 7 years after graduation since we picked up our friendship.

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    To improve a high schoolers chance of getting into a top university, the summer programs allow young students to explore fields of interest and get a taste of college life.

    Telluride Association Summer Program (TASP)

    TASP is a six-week program allowing high school freshman from around the world to grow their sense of interpersonal awareness and community responsibility. It's completely free, including the cost of tuition, books and even travel.

    Minority Introduction to Engineering and Science (MITES)

    This week-long program aimed at all US high school students can help them develop the skills necessary for future job in engineering while learning about the value and reward of acquiring advanced technical degrees. MITES is free—the only expense is the transportation to and from MIT.

    Clark Scholar Program (CSP)

    High school students coming from across the globe are offered the unique opportunity to gain hands-on research experience in mathematics field while working one on one with teaching staff over four intense weeks. Everything is free for chosen applicants except their meals.


    The seven-week one brings high school freshman and sophomores from various backgrounds together for participating in sessions and workshops led by notable journalists where students can get hands-on training in journalism. JCamp is free if selected-participants only need to pay for the board.

    1. (1) What can be expected of MITES?
    2. (2) Which program is suitable for a UK high schooler with up to 5 spare weeks?
    3. (3) What is the shared goal of the programs?
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    A new study, published this week in the journal Frontiers in Veterinary Science, reveals that non-human animals' tears are not so different from our own. The chemical similarities are so great, in fact, that the composition of other species' tears—and how they're adapted to their environments-may provide insights into better treatments for human eye disease.

    Previously, scientists had studied closely only the tears of a handful of mammals, including humans, dogs, horses, camels, and monkeys. In the new study, Brazilian veterinarians analyzed the tears of reptiles and birds for the first time, focusing on seven species.

    Tears, which are released from tear tubes, form a film over the eye that's composed of three ingredients: mucus, waler, and oil. The mucus coats the eyes surface and helps to attach the film to the eye, the water is a natural salty solution containing crucial proteins and minerals, and the oil prevents the eye from drying out.

    Humans are the only known species to produce emotional tears; the expression "crocodile tears," which refers to a person's phony display of emotion, comes from the mysterious tendency of crocodiles to release tears as they eat.

    But tears play key roles beyond weeping, notes Lionel Sebbag at Iowa State University, who was not involved in the new research. They help with vision by lubricating and clearing the eye. They also protect the eye against infection and provide nutrition to the cornea, the eye's clear outer layer, which lacks blood tubes, he says.

    Learning how reptiles and birds' use tears may also inspire new medications for conditions such as dry eye, which occurs when tear tubes don't produce enough oil. The disease, common in cats, dogs, and people, can sometimes lead to blindness.

    1. (1) What is paragraph 3 mainly about?
    2. (2) What does the underlined word "phony" in paragraph 4 mean?
    3. (3) Which statement does Lionel Sebbag agree with?
    4. (4) What might be the best title for the text?
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    Nothing is "new and improved" anymore. It's all about the plus.

    "Something exciting is happening in March," flowed out an email from CBS All Access, alerting subscribers that the streaming service is being renamed Paramount+. The company seeks to keep pace with Apple TV+, ESPN +, Disney +, BET +, AMC + and others.

    Video services didn't start this. The Apple II + came out in 1979 and Crest + toothpaste in 2002, But TV streaming companies now apparently must be branded plus, for fear that consumers perceive their offerings as a minus. Much of this has to do with justifying a monthly charge for television-which used to be free. A more complete name would be "Paramount + a Bill."

    Hulu used to have a "plus" service, which was a misnomer since what customers got with it was the absence of ads. "We've had fun with our old friend Plus, the company explained in a 2015 email, "but it's time to move on. We just wanted to let you know that we are retiring the Hulu Plus name. From now on, we will just be known as Hulu. No Plus.

    Yet other streaming services have been drawn to the plus, thanks in large part to the success of Disney+, which added 86 million subscribers during its first year. Disney also operates ESPN + and, outside the U. S., Star+.

    A funny thing about marketing: A plus is always a plus but a minus is never a minus—even though more products are notable for what they cut down. Budweiser wouldn't call its lower- calorie beer Bud-. There are fat-free potato chips and cookies, but Pringles- or Oreos- is abandoned.

    Americans have a fondness for plus-size portions, plus-size clothing and media that have plus signs in their names. Mercifully, the plus thing hasn't yet reached more important aspects of our lives.

    1. (1) What does the underlined word "this" in paragraph 3 refer to?
    2. (2) What can we learn about Hulu?
    3. (3) Why wouldn't Budweiser call its lower-calorie beer Bud- ?
    4. (4) What's the author's attitude towards the trend?
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    Reading books can exercise your brain. Kids who started reading at an earlier age go on to perform better on certain intelligence tests, such as analyses of their vocabulary size. As one gets older, it might help slow down or even cease cognitive decline. ________ Many Americans don't read frequently. It's time to reverse this trend to give your brain gray matter a good workout.

    ________When you have some down time—you're waiting for a friend, sleeping lightly on the way from or to work, or doing a task that doesn't require your full attention—you can open your text instead of pulling up your favorite smartphone game. ________ While paper is still the clear winner in the court of public opinion, science hasn't proven that physical books are better than digital ones.

    Academic research has mostly focused on the ability to remember. A study took place in a laboratory setting: Students all read the same text, but some looked at the words on paper and others viewed an on-screen PDF. It turned out that no meaningful difference between the two media existed. As for audiobooks, they affected the brain gray matter somewhat differently. ________

    Ultimately, if you hope to get a reading habit going, you shouldn't dismiss paper digital, or audio—________ Don't be afraid to change things up depending on the occasion.

    A. Audiobooks still affect your thoughts and feelings.

    B. Go with what makes the most sense for your needs.

    C. Words on a page can improve the emotional intelligence.

    D. This brings about a great debate: pages vs screens vs audio.

    E. Keep a book, e-reader, or audiobook app on you as you go about the day.

    F. Despite this, the overall book-reading time for Americans is on the decline.

    G. However, they stimulated the brain just as deeply as black-and-white pages.

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    Trent Johnson just celebrated his graduation from medical school in Ohio with a ceremony at his parents' home in Florida.

    He1a couple weeks before his actual ceremony that the college was canceling it on account of the deadly coronavirus. He was absolutely2 .

    His friends3him to create a website so that all of his family flying into Columbus originally still could celebrate 4. They made the living room look as special as possible given the 5 of the ceremony. There's nothing that could have substituted that special 6 .

    His twitter where the video immediately went 7 has almost half a million views. He was on the news and was 8 in the New York Times.

    "I remember seeing my face on the newspaper and thinking wow I not only became a doctor, but I motivated people all over the world to 9 their dreams. That was truly a( n) 10 moment".

    Johnson was brought up in an underdeveloped area where people would have 11socioeconomic class and it was the type of the community that he wanted to12 . Now as a 13 at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, he 14 has an opportunity to do that.

    As Johnson settles into his new surroundings, he will continue to spread his message of hope and 15 .

    A . recognized B . learned C . anticipated D . recalled
    A . sorrowful B . pitiful C . awkward D . guilty
    A . permitted B . begged C . appointed D . helped
    A . consistently B . virtually C . casually D . formally
    A . standard B . origin C . popularity D . atmosphere
    A . memory B . option C . moment D . design
    A . viral B . mad C . wild D . blank
    A . evaluated B . featured C . engaged D . promoted
    A . change B . start C . sacrifice D . follow
    A . scary B . awful C . incredible D . specific
    A . low B . powerful C . rare D . noble
    A . heal B . escape C . reform D . serve
    A . pioneer B . chemist C . physician D . professor
    A . seldom B . just C . still D . yet
    A . admiration B . innovation C . cooperation D . inspiration
  • 1. (2021·潍坊模拟) 阅读下面短文,在空白处填入1个适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式。

    New Yorkers were shocked in early December when a creature as big as a school bus ________ (surface) from the Hudson River. Over the next three days, ________humpback whale(座头鲸) swam by several popular tourist destinations, where a journalist took________(photo) of the animal seemingly waving its tail at Lady Liberty.

    Scientists say NYC0089, which hasn't been spotted in several weeks, has likely returned to deeper waters south of the Hudson. Still, the________(frequent) of whale sightings in the broader area has gone up rapidly in recent years.

    “With these numbers increasing ________ (sharp), it's not surprising that you're seeing them in some unusual places, says Brown—a biologist." Including the Hudson River and Staten Island.

    Scientists say the ________(rise) whale sightings are likely related to purer water and a brimming buffet of Atlantic menhaden, a fish favored by humpbacks, resulting ________ landmark environmental regulations ________(pass) in the 1970s as well as New York city cleanup efforts.

    "Seeing more whales in this area is a sign ________ the waters are cleaner and there's more food here for these whales," Brown says. "It shows that ________we've been doing is working, so we need to keep doing that—and more—to protect these species."

  • 1. (2021·潍坊模拟) 假如你是李华,你于3月7日参加了学校学生会组织的植树活动。请你就此事写一篇英文日记。内容包括:



    3 )个人感受。




    March 7, Sunday     Fine

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    Human beings learn technology from nature. They tend to imitate it. ________ It did take us a while to learn, though. However, not until the mid-twentieth century was the word "biomimicry (仿生学)" first introduced.

    One of the first examples would be the invention of Velcro (魔术贴), a material that was born after a walk in the countryside by an engineer and his dog. On returning home, he found his socks were filled with little burrs (刺果). ________ They were covered by many tiny hooks (勾). He used those qualities for some kind of fabric. And then Velcro was born.

    ________ A high-speed train used to create great noise while exiting a tunnel because of the air pressure. Eiji Nakatsu, an engineer and bird-lover, was inspired by the kingfisher's beak (鸟嘴), able to dive into the water at great speed with almost no friction, to create a new design. That's how the modern bullet train, much more efficient and quieter, was born.

    Secondly, there would be the imitation of Nature's strategies and mechanisms. For instance, dolphins have mastered the art of sending out ultrasound (超声波) without disturbing each other. A team of researchers have analyzed the way dolphins adjust these frequencies. ________

    Finally, there's the imitation of the efficiency within an ecosystem. ________ For example, the street is full of tiny holes to empty water in flooding seasons and the foundations of buildings grasp the hillsides like the roots of trees.

    A. One is the imitation of shapes.

    B. People imitate forests to build cities.

    C. For instance, birds taught people to fly.

    D. He decided to get rid of these little burrs.

    E. Then he bent down to inspect them closely.

    F. Urban areas consume more energy than rural areas.

    G. Based on the analysis, they designed a tsunami alarm system.

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