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  • 1. (2021·和平模拟) 阅读理解

    Tens of thousands of drone (无人机)owners will have to register their devices for the first time under regulations designed to safeguard privacy.

    Rules introduced yesterday require all drones that are fitted with cameras to be logged with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Anyone who fails to do so faces being taken to court and fined up to £1,000. Drones heavier than 250g already have to be registered with the CAA, which costs £9 and must be renewed annually, but the new measures extend this requirement to all devices, including the lightweight models that are used by hobbyist pilots.

    The move comes after sharp rise in the number of drones bought by enthusiasts or those operating them for commercial reasons, such as to inspect infrastructure or for photography and filming.

    However, the rise has prompted concerns over privacy, with fears that drones are being used to spy on private residences and other buildings. It has also led to an increase in the number of near-misses between drones and other aircraft, including commercial passenger jets. The latest figures show 531 near-misses involving drones were logged in the past decade, including 125 recorded in 2019.

    By law drones are supposed to be operated within an operator's line of sight. They have to remain below an altitude of 400ft to avoid interfering with aircraft and flown at least 164ft away from people and buildings. The government has already toughened up regulations in recent years. This includes requiring all operators to pass an online test before being allowed to fly devices. Other changes to the regulations include allowing drones that weigh up to 25kg to be operated, compared with a previous limit of 20kg.

    Devices will also fall into three new categories of risk --high, medium and low -- depending on how they will be flown. Low-risk drones, including those typically used by hobbyists, will have operational limitations but will not need authorisation (授权)for flights. Authorisation is needed for larger medium-risk and high-risk drone flights, which are typically carried out in more complex environments, including those beyond the operator's line of sight, which is banned under normal circumstances.

    Christian Struwe, the director of public policy, said of the new regulation: "It simplifies different processes and allows customers to travel from country to country without having to worry about different rules in different foreign locations"

    1. (1) Why must the drone owners register their devices?
      A . To protect their rights of flying drones. B . To avoid breaking the new regulations. C . To follow the rules not to invade others' privacy. D . To make sure their drones meet the weight requirement.
    2. (2) What does the underlined words in paragraph 2 probably mean?
      A . Updated every day. B . Registered every year. C . Redesigned every year. D . Replaced every month.
    3. (3) What is the potential danger drones probably cause?
      A . Drones will be used for commercial purposes. B . It is impossible to avoid being spied by drones. C . Operating drones requires higher qualification. D . Drones probably crash into passenger planes while in use.
    4. (4) What does paragraph 5 mainly talk about?
      A . Ways of operating drones. B . The requirements on drones. C . Online test on drone operators. D . Methods of making standard drones.
    5. (5) What does the passage mainly focus on?
      A . How to make a standard drone. B . How drones are operated by enthusiasts. C . The negative effect of drones on people. D . The importance of registering the drones.
  • 1. (2020高三上·哈尔滨期末) 阅读理解

        The other day I was shopping at the local Chinese grocery store. There was a line at the fish counter, but only one staff person was there to take care of the customers. Some customers ordered quite an amount of fish for that staff person to work on. At last I was the second in line. All I wanted was a couple of crabs and should get out of there in no time.

        Noticing it was very busy at the fish counter, another staff person came over to help. I was ready to be served, but the staff person went to the end of the line and began to help a couple of ladies with snail (蜗牛). The customers in front of me, being served, turned around and looked at me sympathetically and the customer behind me called to the staff person, “You should start here,” pointing at me. He was, well, ignored.

        If someone asked me, "What is the most important rule to follow in America?" I would reply without hesitation. "Wait your turn at all times." Wherever you go here in this country, you will find people waiting in a line quietly to get anything: whether in the supermarkets, department stores, bus stops, or gas stations, it's just a matter of waiting your turn. In a larger sense, "wait your turn" is more than just a guideline — it is a very basic rule that reflects the fundamental value of the western cultures. But in some situations your turn does not always come based on when you get there and how long you have waited in line, just like my case at the store. Even though this did not often happen, it did make me feel upset.

    1. (1) What happened to the author at the store?
      A . He was ill-treated by a customer. B . He wasn't served upon his order. C . He was asked to be served later. D . He was asked to do others a favor.
    2. (2) What does the underlined word "this" in the last paragraph refer to?
      A . His belief. B . His culture. C . His experience. D . His rule.
    3. (3) Why did the author write the text?
      A . To emphasize his kindness to others. B . To introduce some western cultures to us. C . To express his belief and his feeling. D . To show his disbelief in Queuing Rule.
  • 2. (2017高三上·黑龙江期中) 阅读理解

        Decision-thinking is not unlike poker—it often matters not only what you think, but also what others think you think and what you think they think you think. The mental process is similar. Naturally, this card game has often been of considerable interest to people who are, by any standards, good thinkers.

        The great mathematician John von Neumann was one of the founders of game theory. In particular , he showed that all games fall into two classes : there are what he called games of “ perfect information ”,games like chess where the players can't hide anything or play tricks : they don't win by chance , but by means of logic and skills . Then there are games of “imperfect information”, like poker, in which it is impossible to know in advance that one course of action is better than another.

        One mistaken idea about business is that it can be treated as a game of “perfect information”. Quite the reverse, business, polities, life itself are games which we must normally play with very imperfect information. Business decisions are often made with many unknown and unknowable factors, which would even puzzle the best poker players. But few business people find it comfortable to admit that they are taking a chance, and many still prefer to believe that they are playing chess, not poker.

    1. (1) The subject discussed in this text is _______.

      A . the process of reaching decisions B . the difference between poker and chess. C . the secret of making good business plans D . the value of information in winning games
    2. (2) An important factor in a game of imperfect information is _______.

      A . rules B . luck C . time D . ideas
    3. (3) Which of the following can be used in place of “Quite the reverse ” in Paragraph 3 ?

      A . Quite right. B . True enough. C . Most unlikely. D . Just the opposite.
    4. (4) In the writer's opinion, when making business decisions one should _______.

      A . put perfect information before imperfect information B . accept the existence of unknown factors C . regard business as a game of chess D . mix known and unknown factors
  • 3. (2019高三上·兰州月考) 阅读理解

        Apple and Microsoft each launched new products. One company astonished everyone. The other made people sleepy. Can you guess which was which? You probably guessed wrong. Because Apple, famous for its creative products, was the tech giant whose new product caused a collective shrug. While Microsoft, which stole a move out of the Apple Playbook, won cheers from high-end, creative-class consumers like business analysts, media designers and music producers.

        As Hayley Tsukayama remarked at The Washington Post, the Surface Studio, one of Microsoft's new products, is really just a super-sized version of the Surface Books product that Microsoft has been selling for years. But if you've ever watched science fiction movies like Minority Report-- where Tom Cruise seems to operate pictures and data hanging on mid-air by touching them, spreading his fingers to increase on details, and sending files and information sliding from one folder to another with a click of the finger, you can see how Microsoft is trying to show the same experience.

        Meanwhile, apple's new products were almost like some fine promotions for its Apple TV. They boast that the new Macbook Pro has a smaller size and more functions, and a new touch screen bar on laptop keyboards where function keys used to be.

        So what's going on? In many ways, Apple is focusing on attracting the average consumers who have been attracted by Microsoft. And Microsoft is focusing on targeting the high-end professionals Apple has historically been associated with. You can even see this is the companies' ad campaigns: Microsoft's ads stress imagination and creativity, while Apple's commercial chief performance and convenience of its Macbooks.

        So Apple is trying to control the world of devices and laptops from the top down, starting with the high-end market and moving on to appeal to a broader base of consumers. Microsoft, having already strengthened itself within the bigger low-end market, is now attempting the opposite with a bottom-up strategy. Will they succeed? Time will tell...

    1. (1) What can we learn from the first paragraph?
      A . Apple's products aim at high-end consumers. B . Microsoft's new products made a big hit. C . Apple and Microsoft developed the same products. D . The design of Microsoft's products is original and unique.
    2. (2) Why does the author mention the science fiction movie in Paragraph 2?
      A . To show Microsoft's new products are inspired by the movie. B . To tell us Microsoft's new products can be used in movies. C . To encourage more people to see the science fiction movie. D . To show how trendy Microsoft's new products are.
    3. (3) What does the underlined word "boast" in paragraph 3 probably mean?
      A . to complain B . to inform C . to announce D . to brag
    4. (4) In which section of a newspaper can we most probably read this passage?
      A . Economics and Business. B . Leisure and Entertainment. C . Culture and Education. D . Life and Fashion.