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  • 1. (2021九上·沈河期末) 阅读理解

    Peking Opera is a traditional form of Chinese culture. In Peking Opera, each character has their face painted in a specific(特定的)way. By looking at the face painting, the audience can know who the good guy is and who the bad guy is.

    Where did this kind of face painting come from? An old story told us that it had something to do with the Prince of Lanling. This prince was one of the four most handsome men in ancient China. Some soldiers in the prince's army thought that he was weak because of his good-looking face. So, to make himself look more powerful, the prince wore a mask with an ugly face painted on it.

    Another story about face painting was related to Li Longji, an emperor in the Tang Dynasty. He loved opera very much. One day, a clown actor(丑角)fell ill right before a performance. The emperor decided to play this role himself. He covered his face with a piece of white square jade(玉)so that others wouldn't be able to recognize(认出)him. Ever since then, clown actors have continued to paint white squares on their faces.

    As time went on, face painting started being used to show the personality of different roles. It has become one of the many special art forms of Peking Opera.

    1. (1) The Prince of Lanling wore a mask because he wanted to ______.
      A . hide his good looks B . look much stronger C . frighten his soldiers D . learn face painting
    2. (2) Which of the following is a clown actor?
      A . B . C . D .
    3. (3) From face painting, we can tell people's ______.
      A . jobs B . hobbies C . habits D . characters
    4. (4) What is the best title of the text?
      A . The art of face painting B . Chinese traditional art forms C . The history of Peking Opera D . Different actors in Peking Opera
  • 2. (2021九上·沈河期末) 阅读短文,然后根据其内容从方框中选出可以填入短文空白处的短语。

    a group of    feel ashamed of    make jokes about      was awful of     your advice

    Dear Aunt Linda,

    I read your advice page every week. It is very useful.

    I have a problem with my friends, and I need .

    Last week, I went out with friends. We saw an old lady lying in the street. She looked very sick. My friends her and laughed. Though I wanted to help her, my friends told me not to. It them to laugh at her, and I regret not saying anything. I myself. What should I do in this situation?


    Li Hua

  • 3. (2021九上·沈河期末) 阅读短文,掌握其大意,然后从A、B、C、D中选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。

    Unusual “Concerts”

    Opera singer Erin Shields sings “Being Alive” while her husband David Shenton plays the violin. It is a popular1from the Broadway(百老汇)Show Company. But Shields has 2 extra(额外的)levels of meaning to do it.

    Both Shields and Shenton are 3. Because of COVID-19, they aren't able to perform(表演)around the world now.4, they have been broadcasting(通过广播播出)their performances from home.5 their online “concerts”, they have been raising money for people 6.

    It all began when Shields saw many people 7 up outside a local church. These people were asking for 8. After COVID-19 broke out, many people lost their jobs. However, they9 had to feed their families. Shields felt the need to help. “I though, 'I'm not a doctor. I don't really have much to 10,'” she said. “But then I thought, 'well, you know, we 11 perform.”

    In just six months, Shields and Shenton have raised thousands of dollars by performing online.12 the money they have raised is being used to feed 13 people in their neighborhood.

    Shields says volunteering has now become more important than ever. It's just 14 her mom always said: Volunteer to help other people if you are feeling 15. It will make you feel better. We can always find ways to help others.

    A . song B . group C . movie D . activity
    A . put B . added C . taught D . changed
    A . writers B . reporters C . musicians D . scientists
    A . Also B . Again C . Yet D . Instead
    A . On B . To C . For D . Through
    A . at school B . at work C . in need D . in hospital
    A . giving B . getting C . lining D . picking
    A . jobs B . food C . care D . money
    A . even B . only C . already D . still
    A . act B . offer C . sell D . learn
    A . can B . should C . must D . ought to
    A . Or B . So C . And D . But
    A . sad B . sick C . angry D . hungry
    A . something B . anything C . everything D . nothing
    A . amazed B . excited C . low D . happy
  • 4. (2021九上·沈河期末) 阅读短文,然后从A、B、C、D中选出最佳选项。

    Everybody, Smile! Let's Take a Photo

    Take a look at these funny photos! A happy lion, a cute fish and two fighting kangaroos. They made the judges of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards laugh!

    The closing date for entering this competition is June 30. The judges have received thousands of photos from around the world. They have posted some of their favourite ones online to attract more people to send in their photos.

    In 2015, two Englishmen, Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam, started the competition. They wanted to show people the lighter side of wildlife photography and help to save wild animals through the use of humour. Each year, the competition supports a different animal charity. This year, it is helping to save wild orangutans(红毛猩猩)in Indonesia.

    “To save animals, we need people to fall in love with them,” said Paul. These photos show us the lovely and funny side of the animals in our natural world!”

    1. (1) How many kinds of animals are mentioned in the text?
      A . Two. B . Three. C . Four. D . Five.
    2. (2) The judges posted some photos online to ______.
      A . get more photos B . fall in love with them C . make people laugh D . learn about animals
    3. (3) What does the underlined word “save” mean in the text?
      A . keep money for future use B . keep ... safe C . build a garden for D . do some collecting
    4. (4) From the text, we may know Paul is a ______.
      A . teacher B . painter C . zookeeper D . photography
  • 5. (2021九上·沈河期末) 阅读海报,然后根据内容回答所提问题。

    The Tale of Peter Rabbit

    by Beatrix Potter

    A mother rabbit warned her son Peter about the dangers of playing in the vegetable garden. However, Peter turned his back on the warning and was nearly caught by the farmer.


    The Tale of Peter Rabbit was written by Beatrix Potter(1866-1943). Beatrix Potter is a celebrated English writer and illustrator(插图画家). She was best known for her children's books which feature(以...为特色)animals.

    The Tale of Peter Rabbit:

    ·was written in 1893 and published in 1902.

    ·is one of the best-selling books of all time.

    ·has been translated into 36 languages.

    1. (1) Where was it dangerous for Peter to play?
    2. (2) Did Peter take his mother's advice?
    3. (3) Who nearly caught Peter?
    4. (4) What is the name of the story?
    5. (5) When did the book come out?
  • 6. (2021九上·沈河期末) 阅读短文,然后用短文括号中所给词的适当形式填空。

    Here I Am, Mars!

    Ding! This is your captain, Tianwen-1, speaking. We expect to land on Mars soon.

    Ah, what a long flight! Finally, it's time for me to start working. Wow! What a (beauty) place it is! It seems to be red all over!

    Oh, I just forgot to introduce (I). My name is Zhurong(祝融). I was born in China. I'll be the country's (one) spacecraft to land on Mars and explore this famous planet. It's a difficult job but very (value). It takes lots of Chinese scientists many days and nights (train) me. I feel very proud to be a pioneer!

    I know many of you are (interest) in Mars. For the next three months, I'll be working very hard. Perhaps I'll run into many (difficulty), but I'll never give up. I'll try my best to let Chinese scientists learn more about Mars.

    Now it's time to set out! Wish me good luck and wait for my good news!

  • 7. (2022八下·期末) 结构化程序设计的三种基本语句是?(       )
    A . 函数结构、分支结构、判断结构 B . 函数结构、嵌套结构、平行结构 C . 顺序结构、分支结构、循环结构 D . 分支结构、循环结构、嵌套结构
  • 8. (2022八下·期末) 进行条件判断的命令是(       )
    A . if B . print( ) C . input( ) D . a+b
  • 9. (2022八下·期末) x=29.999999,要实现如下图所示的运行结果,则对应的输出语句格式应为(     )。

    A . print("x保留两位小数之后的结果为:",format(x,.2f)) B . print("x保留两位小数之后的结果为:",format(x,".2f")) C . print(format("x保留两位小数之后的结果为:",x,".2f")) D . print(format("x保留两位小数之后的结果为:",x,.2f))
  • 10. (2022八下·期末) Python语言的创始人是(       )
    A . 吉多•范罗苏姆 B . 比尔•盖茨 C . 达芙妮•科勒 D . 马克•扎克伯格
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